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Everyone at the firm has been helpful, proactive, neutral and ready to do what needed to be done to ensure the best final outcome of my case as possible.
Custody battles are very hard on the child, the parents, and family relationships. We strongly prefer to help our clients reach agreements on parenting plans through reasonable discussion, without resorting to contested litigation and court-ordered determinations.  Except in the rarest of cases, each parent will spend a substantial amount of time with the children after the divorce.

In Texas, the concept of “custody” is broken into two separate areas: Conservatorship and Possession. Conservatorship relates to how parents will make major decisions on behalf of their children. Possession relates to the time-sharing plan that parents will have for their children. These concepts taken together constitute a “parenting plan” for the family.

In negotiating parenting plans, we encourage clients to place the child’s best interests first. This includes protecting the child’s positive relationship with both parents. In all divorces involving minor children, both parents will need to communicate and to share their children for many years to come. We help clients carefully consider how to best lay the groundwork for a workable co-parenting relationship over time.

Andi St. Leger is a superstar in my book. She was especially knowledgeable in the field of family law, most specifically for my case, child custody.
Our goal is to help our clients develop a parenting plan which meets the special qualities and specific needs of their children. We do not favor “cookie cutter” solutions for any of our clients.

Other custody-related issues include grandparent rights, domicile issues (a requirement that both parents stay in Travis County, for example), and child support. These all should be discussed with your attorney.

In high-conflict cases, a guardian ad litem or an attorney ad litem may be appointed to represent the interests of the child. These guardians may rely on assistance from mental health professionals to perform an evaluation of the child, the parents, and the best solution for all concerned.



Working through the child custody process can be confusing and complicated, but our attorneys will be by your side, walking you through each step of the process and answering all your questions.


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