• Keith D. Maples
  • Andrea (Andi) St. Leger
  • Judith Bryant
  • Sam D. Colletti
  • Hillery R. Kaplan
  • NMSB

Keith D. Maples

"Keith came highly recommended from a friend whose husband serves as a Judge and who spoke highly of Keith's reputation for doing what is fair and just for the children of divorce. He served as the lead attorney on my divorce case and did the initial consultation with me. Keith managed to put me at ease despite the obvious emotional distress I was under, and although I ended up working with an associate at his firm, he remained involved in my case, offering his nearly encyclopedic knowledge of family law as needed. I am so grateful to have had him in my corner during this difficult time in my life, and can't say enough about him and his entire firm. "
"Keith did a great job of giving me a realistic picture of the entire process, whether I wanted to hear it or not. I have since recommended him multiple times for a variety of family law situations.  On the outside he has a laid-back style that makes him easy to talk to....but he also has a persistent determination to stand up for you. I appreciated Keith's attempts to mediate and save as much of our estate as possible when the opposing attorney was not collaborative at all."
“Keith and his firm handled my case in a very professional, competent, ethical manner. Keith had experience as a collaborative lawyer, a litigator and a mediator. I think having had experience from all these angles gave him a well-rounded perspective on how to represent me.  Keith is very smart. He is hardworking. He is ethical. He had a down to earth demeanor. And important to me, he had a heart with some compassion. These are qualities anyone would hope to find in their attorney. I have referred others to Keith, and I will continue to do so."  
"Keith is one of the best prepared and thorough attorneys I have worked with in any  category of law.  He always acted as my advocate and even a friend when I needed him in that role.  He was honest with me at all times and never took his eye off the ball.  He was able to assess the situation from all angles and had the vision to anticipate outcomes.  In his approach to my case he always sought the best solution that could preserve the integrity of my family.  While he looked for a favorable result, he did it with full regard and respect for the ethical elements of the process.  He was a consummate professional who held me as this client accountable and never hesitated to push back in order to do the right thing. ...With his help and guidance I was able to cope well and get through one of the most stressful periods of my life."  
"I want to thank [Keith] for [his] deft handling of last week's mediation... [his] approach kept the process focused on the issues of importance and the emotions in check. Although bittersweet, I am grateful that this matter is reaching closure."
"Keith Maples: competence relating to my children’s special needs.  I am the mother of three children with special needs. Divorce proceedings taught me that an attorney that does not understand disabilities can cause family hardship for years. ...For the first time in years of searching, struggling, and trying to explain our situation, I felt heard, understood, and, most importantly, not alone. Keith knows the complexities of Texas law concerning disabilities. He understands the vulnerabilities and needs of children with disabilities. In addition, he has the courage, compassion, and integrity to fight for their well-being. ...  I now feel the children are legally protected and in very safe hands. I feel tremendous relief and am exceedingly grateful."

Andrea (Andi) St. Leger

"Andi has a natural ability to relate to her clients, assess the situation and identify the needs of her client. She was always responsive to my inquiries and kept me well informed as did her staff. Andi helped educate me about the family law and how it pertained to my case. She also possesses very strong ethics and maintained her professionalism while being sensitive to me facing a difficult situation. Her expertise and professionalism were apparent in the courtroom among her peers. I hold a very high respect for Andi and for all of these reasons I confidently refer others to her."
"Andi St. Leger is an amazing family lawyer and I can not say enough about my experience with her. She was always on top of everything in my case. She remembered all the information on my case over an extended period of time with constant new information coming in. Andi was always very responsive to my needs and sincerely cared about me and my son. ... I would definitely recommend Andi as a family lawyer to anyone who values experience, talent, knowledge, and exceptional service to get things done with results! Andi is just awesome!"
"I have found Andi St. Leger and the firm of Noelke, English, Maples, St. Leger to be very responsive and supportive throughout the time I have worked with them. Everyone at the firm has been helpful, proactive, neutral and ready to do what needed to be done to ensure the best final outcome of my case as possible.  Andi St. Leger is a superstar in my book. She was especially knowledgeable in the field of family law, most specifically for my case, child custody. ...  I would highly recommend Andi St Leger as a family law attorney. I am a big fan!"
"Andi is always prompt in her responses to email and phone messages. Her demeanor is always calm, self-assured, and knowledgeable. Yes, I would refer others to Andi because she is obviously committed to helping others through a difficult time by making sure that they are aware of the legal implications of their choices; she is dedicated to protecting her clients from the legal pitfalls of divorce. I never doubted Andi's ethics. I think that Andi and her firm respond to the wishes of the client and do not pressure the client to have prolonged, unnecessary legal proceedings."
"Andi has great ethics. She prefers to try and settle things in the most amicable way possible while still advocating for her client because she knows the toll high conflict in a divorce can have on the family, especially the children. She clearly outlined for me the pros and cons and clarified the legal standards for me.  Andi is smart, efficient and really listens."
“While going through my divorce and selecting my attorney I, by happenstance, came across Andi St. Leger and thank my lucky stars I did. My divorce was much more convoluted that I ever anticipated encompassing three separate opposing attorneys, two judges, two mediators and a plethora of other complexities. Andi was there with me every step of the way providing advice, developing the case, responding quickly, and helping to guide me in such a way that not only were my rights and desires ultimately preserved but I completed the case with a feeling that I had received extraordinary legal advice and personal guidance. I can/would unreservedly recommend Andi as your family law attorney."

Judith Bryant

"Ms. Bryant was level-headed, fair and helpful ... Ms. Bryant not only fulfilled the tenets of her chosen profession but stepped above and beyond to soothe my fragile psyche ... I recommend Ms. Bryant and her firm most highly and without any hesitation or reservation."
"Noelke, English, Maples, St. Leger, LLP handled my case with class from the minute I walked through their doorway. They came highly recommended and lived up to it by graciously representing my best interest as obstacles arose throughout my divorce. Three cheers for Noelke, English, Maples, St. Leger, LLP!!!!!"

Sam D. Colletti

"You handled my divorce with dignity and respect and for that I am grateful. ... I found it beneficial that you were able to present solutions that were well thought out and attainable. As we proceeded I was very comfortable with your ethics and your encouragement to pursue the high road. ... I would honestly recommend you and your firm to others who are in need of competent representation."
"Sam Colletti was very responsive to my needs, paid attention to my concerns and addressed each in a timely and professional manner. He was available when I needed to speak to him as well as patient and extremely knowledgeable ... Sam Colletti is extremely ethical and a great example of someone who believes in being fair and honest to all parties involved in a divorce to prevent future issues and potential legal problems. Sam did a great job on my divorce!"
"Sam ... was unbeIievable. Sam ... is genuInely concerned for hIs clIents and you can see that in the way he talks to you and the tIme he takes to wrIte these formal letters, the wordIng he uses, he's just so professIonal. Sam wIll always have a specIal place in my heart, and he is more than my attorney, he is my frIend ..."
"Sam Colletti did an outstanding job representing me and protecting my interests during my divorce. He consistently offered me the personal attention, straight forward advice, and made sure my divorce proceeded smoothly in order to minimize any unnecessary personal as well as financial stress. Sam is exactly the type of quality representation that I was looking for. I was truly impressed with Sam's legal knowledge, attention to detail, and his ability to triage complex issues quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is needing a divorce lawyer."
"I found Sam to be very knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. He effectively guided me through the process, kept it simple and straightforward, and minimized the cost to the extent possible. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone in the unfortunate position of needing representation on family law matters."

Hillery R. Kaplan

"I wanted to thank [Hillery Kaplan] for everything [she] did to make my legal situation go so smoothly. (As smoothly as it could go, given the circumstances!)  I appreciate all of the professionalism, discretion and expertise [Hillery] showed, especially since my case was an unusually complex one."
"Hillery took on my complex and highly unusual divorce case on very short notice, and she got me through it on the deadline and without a single hitch. She found things to include (and delete) in my settlement decree that I never would have caught otherwise. She was scrupulous in her fairness to both me and my ex-wife, and she always handled communications promptly and with discretion. She even put in late hours on a Sunday evening during her vacation to make sure things were 100% ready for a court date on Monday. She is a valuable asset to her excellent firm."
"Hillery Kaplan is one of the most experienced, professional, knowledgeable, articulate, hard-working, driven and personable lawyers in Texas.  It is a rare person that has all of these attributes and knows how to brilliantly channel these skills to consistently win case after case for her clients.  Even though Austin has no shortage of experienced, qualified attorneys, Hillery Kaplan stands out as one of the best.  If you need someone to represent you, this is the person you want on your side."

Noelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, L.L.P.

“They [NMSB Attorneys and Staff] educate their clients thoroughly, provide good written documentation of everything, and will guide you to other resources as needed. They need to know the smallest details of your life, but they treat that information with great care and with strict confidentiality. They follow up on small details quickly and efficiently. No question is too small to ask, and you are encouraged to ask it again if you didn’t understand the legalese the first time around. They will help you get through the inevitable frustrations of our legal system.”

“Noelke English Maples St Leger set themselves apart as a family law firm. They do this by providing personal, ethical and real support for people who must interface with our legal system. They are pros, every last one of them. I am blessed to have known them.”