NMSB Wins Texas Supreme Court Case – “A Deal is a Deal”

January 29, 2020

On October 25, 2019, the Texas Supreme Court reversed a Seventh Court of Appeals ruling and upheld a mediated settlement agreement made between a husband and wife before they filed for divorce. The parties attended mediation prior to filing for…Read More

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When to Challenge an Unfair Divorce Settlement

November 22, 2019

The best way to avoid an unfair a settlement agreement is to not sign one in the first place. Texas law makes it extremely difficult to undo a settlement agreement. Here are some tips to avoid an unfair settlement agreement…Read More

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When to Hire Your Divorce Attorney

November 13, 2019

As divorce lawyers in Austin, we see more and more people trying to represent themselves in a divorce. If you are representing yourself in a divorce, here are some signs that it may be time to hire a lawyer. 1….Read More

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5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your First Meeting

October 29, 2019

As you prepare to meet with a divorce lawyer for the first time, it is not unusual to experience intimidation and uncertainty about that meeting. During your first meeting, these are some questions you can ask to learn more about…Read More

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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

October 1, 2019

Mediation occurs in almost every divorce case. The purpose of divorce mediation is to help the divorcing couple reach a settlement agreement in their case rather than going to court. In fact, many judges require that parties attempt to reach…Read More

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Filing for Divorce Without A Lawyer

September 19, 2019

It is easy to find a website that provides the forms needed for an uncontested divorce.  While it may be tempting to use these resources to file a divorce on your own, these documents fall short in explaining the substance…Read More

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Same Sex Divorce in Texas: Uncertainty in the Wake of Obergefell

August 2, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015 with its Obergefell v. Hodges decision.  The court gave long-awaited equality to all couples wishing to marry, regardless of where they lived in the United States.  In the wake of this…Read More

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The Pitfalls of Kitchen Table Negotiations

February 15, 2017

Birthday cakes, craft time, school projects–a lot of really good things can happen around the kitchen table. However, negotiating your divorce is not one of them. It’s tempting to want to negotiate your own divorce. Even though you’ve hired an…Read More

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Property Issues in Divorce

May 2, 2015

A six part series on common property issues in Texas divorce cases: Keith Maples speaks to novice family lawyers. PART I:  How To Present Property Issues To The Court In A Divorce     PART II:  Categorizing And Valuing Assets And Liabilities…Read More

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Act Responsibly: Ways divorce clients hurt their cases

December 2, 2014

Fear and anger can cloud a divorce client’s judgment, sometimes leading to negative repercussions. To learn more about the most common, yet avoidable, mistakes we see during the process, read Judith Bryant’s article about Ways Clients Hurt their Cases in the Texas Bar…Read More

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