Till Death Do Us Part?

October 2, 2014  |  By Judith Bryant

Splitting up can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the truth about family law in Texas. Lawyers who specialize in handling divorces often have clients who are certain of how their divorce case will unfold, usually because they have…Read More

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Signs You Should Speak to a Divorce Lawyer

July 2, 2014  |  By Hillery R. Kaplan

We all know that divorce is common, but we never think it will happen to us. There are warning signs, however, that your spouse may be consulting a lawyer about how to best divorce you. To learn more, read Hillery…Read More

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Prenuptial Agreements: The Wedding Planner

September 2, 2013  |  By Judith Bryant

What you need to know about prenuptial agreements before you tie the knot. When you fall in love and decide to get married, asking your intended to sign a prenuptial agreement in anticipation of a divorce is, to say the…Read More

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Children’s Involvement in Divorce

May 2, 2013  |  By Lea C. Noelke

Children are sadly the subject of many divorce cases. Of course, it is always best to keep children from becoming involved in the actual case whenever possible. Most parents do not intentionally involve their children in the divorce process, but…Read More

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