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Suddenly, you have big questions about your children, your home, your finances, your retirement, and your future. You need a divorce lawyer with the talent and experience to show you the way forward, and the negotiation and courtroom skills to achieve your goals.

Our commitment to each client is to guide you through a difficult process as smoothly and simply as possible, keeping costs reasonable while delivering the highest level of service.

We build on the strongest ethical foundation: encouraging healthy family relationships, staying focused on the long-term outcome, and treating our legal system and our opponents with respect.

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Practice Areas

Our firm provides a range of options for resolving family matters in Austin, TX. Every client’s situation is unique so we tailor our services in response. Depending on the situation, a divorce can proceed as either a litigated or collaborative case. Whenever possible, we will strive to handle a client’s litigation matters cooperatively with the opposing party and their counsel. However, going to court for resolution by a judge remains an option.

The representation services offered by our attorneys include:

Litigated Divorce

When parties to a divorce or custody case cannot resolve their case by agreement, a judge or jury will need to resolve the case for them.  Going through a trial, or “litigation,” is adversarial by nature. The courthouse is a…Read More

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Family Law offers an innovative, alternative approach to divorce litigation. Our Austin divorce attorneys are trained and experienced collaborative family law practitioners. They can suggest other counsel for spouses – divorce attorneys who are also trained in the Collaborative Law Approach.

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Mediated Divorce

Many of our Austin divorce attorneys are trained and experienced family law mediators. We mediate both litigated and collaborative law cases, and also serve as arbitrators on both full and limited issues, often for clients who prefer to avoid the publicity of the courthouse. Our experience as both litigated and collaborative law practitioners helps in shaping and negotiating sensitive, wise solutions acceptable for both parties.

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High-Value Estates

When a great deal is at stake, seasoned professional attention is critical, given the complexity of the issue and assets, as well as the tax and long-term financial consequences. When a high-value estate must be divided in a divorce, our attorneys draw upon a depth of experience with similar matters to ensure that our clients get the best possible settlement.

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Parenting Plans

We help our clients reach agreements on parenting plans through reasonable discussion, without resorting to contested litigation and court-ordered determinations. In negotiating parenting plans, we encourage clients to place the child’s best interests first. We help clients carefully consider how to best lay the groundwork for a workable co-parenting relationship over time.

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Special Needs Children

All our Austin divorce lawyers have represented parents of special-needs children. Keith Maples – the divorced father of an autistic son – has focused on this practice area and he has particular insights into the challenges and issues involved. Our firm’s team approach to casework allows everyone to benefit from Keith’s insights and expertise.

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Premarital Agreements

Many clients need counsel prior to marriage, to understand their property rights during marriage and what will happen to their property in the event of divorce. Our firm specializes in creating premarital agreements to achieve the goals of both parties.

Learn More About Our Premarital Agreement Process
Postmarital Agreements

Married persons can also agree to change the character of their property and partition or divide it during marriage. Like premarital agreements, there are specific statutory requirements governing the enforceability of such contracts, and legal advice and counsel is highly recommended for both parties.

Learn More About Our Postmarital Agreements Process
Same Sex Divorce in Texas

Our firm specializes in same sex divorce cases.

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Click below to see a visual representation of the divorce litigation process. While every divorce is different, the process is typically the same. This step-by-step graphic can serve as a guide to simplify the sometimes overwhelming process into easy-to-follow steps.

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Keith D. Maples Attorney  |  Partner
Keith D. Maples Attorney  |  Partner

“The practice of law is the art of creative problem-solving: sometimes that problem-solving happens at your desk, sometimes in a conference room, sometimes in Court.”

Andrea (Andi) St. Leger Attorney  |  Partner
Andrea (Andi) St. Leger Attorney  |  Partner

“Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Judith Bryant Attorney  |  Partner
Judith Bryant Attorney  |  Partner

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

– Cool Hand Luke

Sam D. Colletti Attorney  |  Partner
Sam D. Colletti Attorney  |  Partner

“Family court is less a court of justice, and more a court of problem-solving.”

Hillery R. Kaplan Attorney  |  Partner
Hillery R. Kaplan Attorney  |  Partner

“You must keep your mind on the objective, not on the obstacle”

– William Randolph Hearst

Leigh de la Reza Attorney  |  Partner
Leigh de la Reza Attorney  |  Partner

“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.”

– Vince Lombardi

Coleen Kinsler Attorney  |  Partner
Coleen Kinsler Attorney  |  Partner
Arielle Rosvall Associate Attorney
Arielle Rosvall Associate Attorney

“If you want to understand the law, read the code but then ride in a police car on a hot summer night & see what happens”

– Frank Remington

Hear from Our Clients

“They [NMSB Attorneys and Staff] educate their clients thoroughly, provide good written documentation of everything, and will guide you to other resources as needed. They need to know the smallest details of your life, but they treat that information with great care and with strict confidentiality. They follow up on small details quickly and efficiently. No question is too small to ask, and you are encouraged to ask it again if you didn’t understand the legalese the first time around. They will help you get through the inevitable frustrations of our legal system.”

“I wanted to thank [Hillery Kaplan] for everything [she] did to make my legal situation go so smoothly. (As smoothly as it could go, given the circumstances!)  I appreciate all of the professionalism, discretion and expertise [Hillery] showed, especially since my case was an unusually complex one.”

“Noelke English Maples St Leger set themselves apart as a family law firm. They do this by providing personal, ethical and real support for people who must interface with our legal system. They are pros, every last one of them. I am blessed to have known them.”

“Sam Colletti was very responsive to my needs, paid attention to my concerns and addressed each in a timely and professional manner. He was available when I needed to speak to him as well as patient and extremely knowledgeable … Sam Colletti is extremely ethical and a great example of someone who believes in being fair and honest to all parties involved in a divorce to prevent future issues and potential legal problems. Sam did a great job on my divorce!”